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INTP-T // Ravenclaw

  • 09/30/99 - and for those who care:
  • electrical engineering (2nd year)
  • native portuguese speaker, B1/2 english, A1/2 japanese
  • favorite colors: red, mustard, baby blue, rose gold and neutrals (specially gray)
  • favorite pokémon: Dragonair
  • favorite eeveelution: espeon
  • favorite books: the late mattia pascal, the phantom of the opera
  • favorite friends character: chandler
  • myanimelist
  • OCD

☆ likes: rabbits, cats, dogs... animals in general, languages, maths, learning, science, singing, anime, short hair, sunflowers, astronauts and outerspace, the night sky, glasses, mugs, plushes, webtoons, hardcover books, incense sticks, candles...

☆ dislikes: being ignored, hypocrites, my lack of motivation, being dependent on others, making big decisions, overthinking (when it's in a bad way and I just can't bring myself to stop)...

aug 6 2018 ∞
jul 2 2019 +