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"It was not the feeling of completeness that I so needed, but the feeling of not being empty."

allison follows:
  • visit Santa Monica Pier 
  • visit Brighton Pier 
  • visit the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. 
  • visit Anne Frank’s museum in Amsterdam
  • visit the wizarding world of harry potter
  • visit Universal studios
  • visit Titanic Belfast
  • visit ground zero
  • travel by North America
  • travel by Britain
  • go to Canada
  • go to Ibiza
  • go to NYC
  • go to London
  • go to California (S. Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas)
  • go to Chicago
  • shop on Oxford Street
  • shop on Times Square
  • own a pair of Jeffrey Campbell’s
  • own an apple computer
  • own an Iphone
  • see a broadway play
  • become a well-known journalist
  • live in England
  • be loved back
  • have two children
  • watch Titanic with someone I love
  • get a back neck tattoo with infinite symbol
  • work for New York Times
  • breathe in helium
  • wear colored contacts
  • be in two places at once
  • use a fake name at starbucks
  • have love like Allie and Noah’s
  • ride the London Eye
  • walk through walk of fame
  • date a british boy
  • develop a british accent
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