what i love

  • my family and when they aren't being mean or annoying, I love them even more
  • my friends when they aren't being mean or annoying, I love them even more (tho i just listed this first and just moved family to first position as I think that's where it belongs)
  • my dog who is the sweetest thing EVER
  • california (specifically the bay area)
  • lists (duh!)
  • New York CIty because it is a neverending adventure
  • concerts because one can really feel the music and become involved with it
  • the Internet b/c
  • gardens for laying out or rolling pastures unless it's allergy season... and if there are hills I love log rolls
  • bike rides with friends, with boy friend, by myself doesnt happen often but great for exploring and feeling the wind in your hair on a hot day
  • The beach because it's so relaxing, fun, beautiful, and makes me walk away so happy!
  • ice cream for the sweet tooth it's the best and added to a cake or something else? it only improves that dessert
  • elliott smith, jarvis cocker, pixies, smashing pumpkins, talking heads, jeff buckley, depeche mode, the cure, trent reznor..... so many more but they are my all time favorites that come to mind right off the bat
  • taking cool photos
  • window shopping online
  • dreaming of what I'd do if I won the lottery
  • seasons

what i dont love

  • being broke cuz I feel lame when I am
  • cleaning out the food in the sink after doing dishes
  • being blind, I wear contacts and glasses so it sucks not to see!
  • my pudge aka mishka
  • rain, wind and cold all at once
apr 23 2008 ∞
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