• This list reminds me of that guy on SNL who would look at himself in the mirror.

The Good

  • I make friends easily
  • I'm funny
  • I can't easily hide my emotions
  • I say what I think and I mean what I say
  • I have a lot of interests
  • I'm a free spirit
  • I give good advice to friends, I'm a good listener
  • I can laugh at myself
  • I can easily adapt to most any situation
  • I can have fun wherever I am
  • I don't often get depressed but I am moody... see the bad
  • I'm confrontational

The Bad

  • Major procrastinator
  • I like gossip
  • I'm protective of myself
  • I suck at dieting
  • I'm impulsive
  • I can be either too sensitive or too insenstive
  • My laugh and voice can be too loud
  • not that bad but I enjoy talking about ppl - not shit but FACTS aka real talk
  • I can get so hyper I either weird ppl out or scare them or annoy them... but ive improved with age
  • I'm a cancer so my mood changes often throughout the day and I'm easily influenced by other people's moods
  • I'm confrontational

The Ugly

  • I can be a real bitch
  • I don't know how to control myself
  • I lie to my parents (still)
  • I'm lost and still figuring shit out... yikes
  • I am a clutter bug
  • I'm sensitive (yeah again)
  • I can become physically aggressive when drunk or super emotional
  • I can overreact
  • Sometimes I can't control my emotions (tho sometimes I can really hide them well)
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