• making at least 200k+ per year
  • Own successful biz
  • being the boss of like 4 people
  • be totally known and respected, at least on a local level :)
  • have a couple of articles written bout me haaaa

What I'll have

  • HAPPINESS not that I'm not happy now!
  • a cat or a dog since im allergic to cats, haha
  • nice home that's nicely decorated. Maybe own it?
  • a scooter that I'm not scared to drive
  • time and money to travel at least 2-3x per year out of the country
  • money to support my parents!!
  • debt paid off !

Fun stuff

  • throwing parties with friends
  • throwing concerts - bringing guests from around the world.
jan 25 2010 ∞
may 28 2011 +