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I needed somewhere else to waste time. This is suitable.

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These are not in chronological order. I'm just typing them as I remember them.

  • Getting a CAT scan on my 8th birthday. Terrible day. I remember falling asleep from the IV, and my mom telling me that she bought me the Chumbawamba CD.
  • Going to Kentucky Lake with my mom and brother on vacation. It was probably around '98. My mom had just bought John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen CDs, so whenever I hear their music, I think of that vacation. My dad wouldn't come, as usual, because he was working.
  • My parents getting divorced shortly after that vacation.
  • Watching The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt, The X-Files, Gilligan's Island, Three's Company, etc with my dad every night. Still my favorite shows of all time.
  • Getting my first computer for Christmas. It was a Windows 95 Compaq. I believe it was the Christmas of '97. I remember my aunt gave my brother and I 'Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego'. It quickly became my favorite computer game. The same Christmas, I remember getting a stereo, the soundtrack to 'Grease', a beanbag, and a keyboard.
  • The first time I remember getting in trouble at school. In the first grade, I would write the Spelling words I didn't know on a folder inside my desk, so I could easily see them during our tests. My teacher found it one day after a spelling test. I don't remember getting in much trouble, tho, besides her taking the folder and throwing it in the trash.
  • Traveling to Europe. I can't even begin to type out all of the things I remember from going because it was so much to take in, I can't even properly remember everything anymore. I was there when the London Underground bombing happened. It was interesting to see how a different country reacted to a terrorist attack.
  • I was fat as a kid, and I was always picked on on the school bus. These 2 kids who were probably 4-5 years older than me that always sat behind me would always fuck with me. One day while I was sleeping, they busted an ink pen and poured it all over my shirt. I always remembered what they did, and never liked them, even as I got older and they grew out of being 'bullies'. I'm even related to one of them.
  • I was once choked on the bus until the point where I almost passed out. This was a different kid than the other two.
  • My brother's psycho ex-bestfriend pulling a gun on him at the county fair.
  • My grandpa, my brother, and I building a tree house that we never finished. We would sit in my grandma's kitchen and plan all these things we wanted to do and what it was going to look like. We started building it, and what we started is still standing in my grandma's yard.
  • My grandpa committing suicide. Hardest time of my life.
  • Not understanding my stepdad when I was young. Always getting in fights with him.
  • Best jobs ever: working in the watermelon fields and cleaning horse stalls.
  • Our family vacation to Florida for Thanksgiving in an RV. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
  • Going for car rides out in the middle of nowhere during high school summers with friends.
  • Playing baseball and hating it. I enjoyed soccer, though.
  • My psycho babysitter who faked her jewelry theft to collect insurance money. I remember begging my mom to stop taking me there.
  • Making stupid home movies with my cousins inspired from Wondershowzen. What the fuck we were thinking?
  • My 6th grade graduation. We sang songs from The Newsies. Seize the Day. It was a beautiful thing.
  • Once a week, my third grade teacher would play "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown". She taught our class a dance to the song, and we would perform it in class once a week.
  • Entering and winning "The Biggest Watermelon" competition every year at The Watermelon Festival in my hometown.
  • Getting my first and only stitches from falling out of a Radio Flyer wagon because my brother refused to help me get out. I tried to jump out, but my foot caught the side of the wagon, and I fell face first into gravel.
  • The first time I stole something. I was in preschool, and there was this little toy jet plane about the size of a Matchbox car that I wanted, so I just stole it.
  • In second grade, I would sometimes not do our required reading, so I would just raise my hand and tell the teacher I had to go to the bathroom while they had a class discussion about the reading.
  • I was riding our 4-wheeler one day, and flipped it. I wasn't wearing a helmet or anything. It was almost like a dream. Like nothing happened. One second, I was on the 4-wheeler, and the next, I was laying on the ground. I didn't even know what happened. I looked up, and the 4-wheeler was still running, and it had flipped a full 360 degrees. It was sitting like nothing had ever happened. The only injury I had was a tiny burn on the side of my ankle from the muffler. I have absolutely no idea how I didn't get hurt. It still baffles me to this day.
  • My brother and I had a model car, Matchbox car, and farm set collection. We turned one of the upstairs bedrooms of our house into a display for them.
  • I used to have only wear Hawaiian shirts in the 7th grade. Then, in 8th grade, I started only wearing track pants and hoodies.
  • The day they finished our house, and we got to move in. My brother wasn't there because he had a band competition, and I later left to go see Ice Age 2 with my cousins in the old movie theater.
  • Driving to New York City with my brother and some friends against my mother's word (she threatened to sell my car if I went). I just told her I was staying at my brother's, and we went for New Year's. It was the worst experience ever. I Wish I would have listened to mom. She found out earlier this year that we had went. She didn't care anymore.
  • Being spoon fed corn by someone I didn't know.

Ok, this is causing my brain to melt. I'll add to this as I remember more.

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