» important «

  • if we're close, I'll probably be affectionate towards you. please tell me if that makes you uncomfortable!
  • i get easily paranoid even without an actual reason
  • english isn't my first language, even though I can almost speak it fluently, I'm still learning! so if I say something wrong please ignore it ;;;
  • portuguese is my first language so you might see some tweets in portuguese!
  • I'm currently in school so I might not be so active, sorry!

» twitter stuff «

  • please softblock when breaking mutuals or remade. it's easier for both of us.
  • my account is rt heavy, and it might be nsfw!

reasons why i might sb: we don't interact; i don't feel comfortable with you following me (or i get paranoid)

» extra «

apr 12 2017 ∞
jun 6 2021 +