• don't worry about how your quest paper went. you did a good job. be proud of what you've accomplished, take her criticism and move on.
  • don't worry about the next paper either! approach it the same way you did the last, take her advice and write it.
  • let go of the idea that you can impress, stun and compete at MUN the way you've done in high school. it's not going to work that way. don't unnecessarily stress yourself. perform the best you can when you get there.
  • let go of the fact that you're so sick. accept that it will take time to go away. accept that you're away from home. understand that it will be a nuisance and keep you from being at 110% all the time.
  • rid yourself of the notion that you're not doing enough because you are. it's going to pile up soon, and be proud of yourself for what you've committed to because you're NOT doing nothing.
  • stop holding onto the fact that you miss indian people. try to embrace your uniqueness.
  • let go of the feeling that you believe you're not pretty and no body likes you. it's simply not true.
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