• In Good Company
    • This will sound a little ridiculous, no matter how Sasuke phrases it. I see dead people is embarrassingly tacky, and I'm half-spirit seems like something Sakura might say when she's stoned sky high. So he settles for a shrug.

Other Het Pairings

  • Display
    • Affectionate displays between ninjas was a very subtle art, or so she'd heard. This is the story of boy meets girl and inevitably, boy scares the living daylights out of girl. Sasuke/Tenten
  • Commitment Issues
    • Neji proposes. Tenten panics. Sasuke make...
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  • Contusion WIP
    • Mark really isn't in the mood to make friends. Unfortunately for him and his headache, Jackson doesn't really give a damn.
  • Just Smile and Make Believe, I Don't Fee...
    • After a deadly attack Mark finds himself the new head of his vampire bloodline. With the killer still on the loose, and tensions with humans at an all time high, Mark finds fragile trust in Jackson, his loud but honest classmate, and Zhou Mi, the quiet upperclassmen steeped in secrets. But trusting the wrong person could get Mark killed.
  • Impetus
    • Two hits. One, me hitting you and two, you hitting the floor.
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  • here comes the sun
    • as seen on tumblr: “you’re a celebrity who just broke up and i tweeted you a selfie with the caption “date me” as a joke but you thought i was serious?” au.
  • hands down i'm too proud for love
    • Listen, kid, he would like to say, especially after the first time they’d spent a whole day doing nothing in particular, when Bobby had pulled Junhwe into his lap and kissed him like Junhwe meant something, this way lies heartbreak.
  • something good can work
    • junhwe's pretty sure that senior bobby is going to beat him up.
  • baby it's cold outside
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