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'main' is active fronters / 'ongoing' is dormant or inactive fronters

  • ranboo ; he/him or they/them
    • shapeshifter; has multiple forms
    • theoretically married 2 tubbo; they're quite protective of each other and tubbo offers ranboo a lot of reassurance
    • likes his privacy and is really uncomfortable with having his presence known
      • information about him might be slim for his comfort!
    • might be able to disguise his presence in the headspace?
    • doesn't front on his own, if he even shows himself in the headspace it's a whole thing
    • gets super stressed by like, the idea of existing, and stuff
    • music taste ; so much lemon demon. ajr, tally hall, rex orange county, video game osts. also showtunes & frankly most stuff that tubbo listens to
  • enderwalk ranboo ; he/him or they/them
    • mostly nonverbal; occasionally makes noises & uses some sign language
    • even more anxious and jumpy than regular ranboo
    • almost always takes on a lankier form, sometimes more enderman like, always has ender particles, always has purple eyes
    • very protective and clingy, requires a lot of softness and validation, vulnerable & gullible & easily manipulated when in this state.
    • craves comfort also his love language is touch
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