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'main' is active fronters / 'ongoing' is dormant or inactive fronters

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  • tubbo ; also known as toby , 17, he/him or they/them or bee/bem
  • doesn't really have a role just kinda vibes ig
  • theoretically husbands w ranboo ; protects him and advocates for his privacy, comfort, and presence when he can't do it himself
  • very close with tommy
  • experiences dyslexia worse than everyone else
  • chill and adaptable
  • enjoys chess, rhythm games, minecraft building & minigames; recently picked up ukulele and piano!!
  • favorite color ; green!!!
  • music taste ; cavetown, glass animals, khai dreams, upbeat electronic music & whatever tommy and wil listen to. also lots of old people music. enjoys soft or chill beats most of the time but that changes when he's in hype
feb 14 2021 ∞
apr 24 2021 +