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im a white-mixed latina and proud!! im also very bisexual and vocal about that. catch me as your local barista ..!

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  • SUGA/MIN YOONGI - my twitter is FULL of talk about this boy. i love him a lot and he's my inspiration in all aspects of creativity. i relate a lot to him (in terms of art, mental illness, and past issues). he's the main boy of my heart i love him
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  • instagram: cherricolas
  • 8tracks: strawberrysugas
  • tumblr: shoumatakakuras
  • ao3: deadmansbones
  • snapchat: ask me!
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i have a pretty wide variety of interests:

  • kpop (bts,shinee,astro,jay park + a lot more)
  • overwatch (mains: dva, tracer, mercy)
  • video games (persona, fire emblem, ffxv, silent hill, + a lot more)
  • anime--i don't watch it much now but i still have some dear faves(death note, hunter x hunter, nge, inuyasha, no.6) but ask me about some and i guarantee i've seen it
  • youtubers (markiplier, game theorist, cryatoic)
  • music! i play piano and violin so music means a lot to me
  • i'm really into paganism/supernatural/horror elements so always feel free to talk to me about those!

right now im a freshman in college studyi...

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  • i'm really vocal about things that bother me (especially if they involve my friends) so i may be inclined to rant about those
  • i also don't tolerate people bashing things (unharmful things) that people enjoy ESPECIALLY if the mutual knows the other people enjoy it so if we're mutuals pls refrain from that it isn't cool
  • please tag talk of emotional abuse/biphobia/abuse in general
  • i tweet a lot about things im passionate about just so you know
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