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  • Shoes (To which I am obsessed and own over 40 pair)
  • The word Malapropism (Learned in Mrs. Hodges English class and have been in love with it ever since)
  • The Beach (More so the serenity of the whole experience)
  • Tijuana Flats (Chicken flautas and chips and queso to be exact) (Oh and of course the company that I keep while there)
  • Semi-Annual Sales @ Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works (Another slight obsession to say the least)
  • Pictures (I take like a bagillion and 5 pics all the time, but they account for all of the amazing events in my life and will forever be memories)
  • Dachshunds (I have wanted one since I was a child! I WILL own one before I die! 2 PLEASE!)
  • Penguins (They are the cutest things. I could sit and watch them @ Sea World for HOURS!! I would love to have a lil hot weathered one like on 50 First Dates)
  • Selective OCD (I am a very organized person. Things have a place, and they must go there or it will drive me crazy. Categorization and order are a MUST)
  • Hibiscus Flowers (Orange to be exact-something about their beauty makes me smile. Hence the reason I have a tattoo of one on my foot)
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