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sub·tle·ty (noun \ˈsə-təl-tē\)

1: the quality or state of being subtle
2: something subtle

left: inspiration - fashion, music, observations, reads
center: to read, watch, remember
right: about me



    • people who are afraid to ask for what they want, will not get what they want
    • cursing out loud is acceptable - using the word 'fuck' does not say anything about your intelligence, your character or your upbringing
    • do not - at any time - let your guard down, because that always spells trouble
    • attitude and personality are different things - personality is who you are, attitude depends on who you are with
    • cry if you need to - crying is not a sign of weakness
    • do not be impulsive with important decisions - give yourself space to think and time to decide
    • never let your low self-esteem get the better of you
    • do not overthink
    • there's nothing wrong with playing hard to get
    • we all love bad boys, but you know they are never going to change - there is simply no exception to this rule
    • when you start panicking, focus on the issue one step at a time
    • what to do when you make a mistake


    • sometimes there is no acceptable answer, but you just have to accept it
    • it's okay not to know things, but it's not okay not wanting to know things
    • losing an argument - even if you're right - is okay sometimes
    • never let my parents influence my thinking - "I decided that as much as I love my mum, her reality and mine did not need to be the same."


    • listen, listen, and listen; then speak
    • if you don't know, ask
    • secrets are meant to be kept
    • be patient
    • drop the sarcasm
    • if you don't know whether to be rude or polite, be polite
    • stay classy - never stoop to someone else's level
    • just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want them to doesn’t mean that they don’t love you with all they have


    • health matters more than anything
    • sleep is as important as health - sleep is health
    • eat healthy - fruit juice instead of coke, sandwich instead of burger
    • go healthy - steps instead of elevators / escalators, jogging instead of walking
    • push your limits - run faster, jump further than you did the previous time
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