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g ♡ penchant for iced coffee, movies, books, r&b and sports

sub·tle·ty (noun \ˈsə-təl-tē\)

1: the quality or state of being subtle
2: something subtle

left: inspiration - fashion, music, observations, reads
center: to read, watch, remember
right: about me


"if you don't know what you want, the doorman said, you end up with a lot you don't." — chuck pahlaniuk

    • loves me wholeheartedly
    • honesty - which includes fidelity
    • does not smoke
    • no tattoos, or at least only meaningful ones
    • unafraid to show vulnerability
    • loves to travel
    • does not argue ignorantly
    • loves sports, does well in at least one
    • has a desire to succeed
    • believes waking me up before 11am is a sin
    • reads
    • appreciates art
    • if he has siblings, he spoils them
    • classy - when it comes to both style and attitude
    • lets me buy clothes for him
    • calm and composed, decisive when he needs to be
    • either does not have a religion, or will not force me to convert to his religion
    • indulges with me in things I love - travelling, k-pop, etc.
    • sarcasm user
    • shares breakfast/brunch in bed
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sep 7 2013 +