• i dont post often (unless im feeling extra-lonely)
  • many of my tweets are 18+ both on my main and my nsfw acct. as a result, i block minors.
  • i block TERFs and those who are anti-LGBT in any capacity
  • negative rhetoric about chicago/IL gets a block
  • posting pregnancy-related pictures or content without tagging gets a block

content warnings

  • nsfw text/discussions about my porny fics
  • nsfw personal thoughts about irl people
  • marijuana (i smoke a lot. it's legal in illinois as of jan 2020.)
  • nfl football. (sadly, i love it. yes, i consume it critically.)
  • i have an instagram for my cat. unfollow if you think that's cringe. it's not and i love her)
  • study/degrees in politics, and research emphasis experience on prisons/police systems (especially in illinois/chicago!), make me pretty knowledgeable about those subjects. i'm always open to questions about these things.
apr 25 2017 ∞
jun 3 2020 +