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Recommendation within the recommended. I did the combing for y'all. you're welcome.

this is just going to be info dump until i organize my thoughts and tidy into subtopics etc!


0111100101101111011101010111001001110011 by bellamees ☆

[google search>what to do when you're in love with an android]

  • 6765 words, lapslock
  • all the binary codes MEAN SOMETHING
  • this is so far my favourite yoonkook fic. bellamees is so good with writing fics with this innocent yet blue undertone mood. if you're into AI concepts, this will be such a delightful treat for you.

and like flowers in his hands, death blooms by bellamees

"i have this friend, he has a spare room," namjoon says, and he sounds apologetic. "he's an undertaker."

  • 6644 words, slice of life, lapslock
  • i am a huge fan of bellamees' works. please check out their stuff. alot of gems. this has a darker tone than most. if you enjoy themes of Life & Death (or death in general), you'll like this. there's a lot of beautiful symbolism throughout.

read 04:46 a.m. by bellamees

  • 3177 words, coffeeshops/cafe, fluff, online dating, yoongi is bad at feelings
  • so the thing about bellamees i really like is how they always effortlessly come up with a story in like 6k and below (personally, it's a struggle for me). it's short, simple, effortless and engaging. their stories always tug at your heartstrings
  • it's yoongi's pov and you really root for him. it's a simple plot but executed so well

i blow up buildings (but i'd blow you) by sugaretreat

“Yoongi,” says Namjoon, his tone allowing no argument. He holds the boy an arms length in front of him and smiles painfully. “Meet Jeongguk. He’s your new bodyguard.”

Yoongi sputters and decides to argue anyway, because fuck no. “I said I don’t need a bodyguard, Namjoon.”

(Or, the AU where Yoongi has been receiving death threats from an enemy organisation known as Skeletal, and Jeon Jeongguk is the lucky bastard brought in to be his bodyguard. Yoongi tries to hate him. He really does.)

  • 8284 words, enemies to lovers, crack, humour, secret agents
  • i'm obsessed with enemies to lovers so in the future i'll dedicate a whole subtopic for that
  • tbh i can't really remember the plot entirely, but it's in my ao3 bookmarks and I remember loving it a lot and laughing a lot so !!! secret agents AND enemies to lovers? BE SOLD

siren song by xiajin

the thing about jungkook is that he’s a bit of a spacey witch.

  • 25310 words, magic/supernatural, witch, lapslock
  • lapslock is a recurring thing in yoonkook fics - no complaints there, just a big phat observation
  • dynamics! characterization! this was done beautifully. i especially love jikook's deep platonic portrayal here. it reminded me of the concept of parabatai. and i'm just a softie for witchy magical aus. this universe was really well-built, the premise was nicely set.
  • altho i have to say that for sharp readers the twist may be a bit anticlimatic (the end could have been tighter but perhaps i'm nitpicking eh) for y'all but regardless, still a great read

bad boy by xiajin ☆

roses are red, veins are blue, i'd do anything for you.

  • 26.5k words, MA themes: murder, death, violence, sociopathy, stalking, obsession
  • omg i loved this fic so much. the first few paragraphs was soso well written. characterisation of jungkook was done really well.
  • i hated jk's ex with a burning passion. when a fic can evoke such strong emotions, you know it's a win.
  • i loved the ending. hehe. i'm glad it ended the way it did...or i might go nuts. this fic also made me reflect A LOT afterwards. please feel free to discuss with me if you wish to (!!)
  • if you're into dark concepts, involving psychology, you will love this.

罪人 (for i have sinned) by minyocngi

jungkook tastes faintly of peppermint, and yoongi tastes guilt on his tongue. but he doesn’t hope for redemption.

  • 3231 words, PWP, pure filth!!!, priest/religion, age difference
  • oh my god this was so good. there's a lot of subtle themes so you're in for a treat if you enjoy porn without plot, with actually some plot lolol
  • characterisation was lovely too. jungkook is young, and portrayed so, not some damsel in distress
  • 罪人 (pronounced: zuìrén) means 'sinner' in mandarin

travel plans by siderum ☆

"hyung, i looked up more stuff on hong kong," jeongguk says when they're both in the bathroom together, like he's reaching out for yoongi's approval. yoongi's brushing his teeth. "it looks like a nice place. is new york not your favorite city anymore?"

  • 978 words, hongkong, slice of life, bad flirting, comedy
  • i absolutely adore this!!! it's so realistically written you can SEE it unveil before you
  • i wished it was longer, but then again the length of the fic attributed the greatness of it
  • sighs i just love this

Human Factors by riveting ☆

Yoongi asks Jungkook for help. Too many times.

  • 1921 words, college/uni
  • the characterization!!!!! i just. i just love it. i think i fell in love on the first paragraph. i absolutely loved the dynamics here. and the whole 'in love but unaware of it' was done really well
  • i wished riveting wrote more yoonkook T T

Fire and Gold by Incadence

"You're an idol, so you know how this works, right?"

Jeongguk should say no. Because he doesn't, he really doesn't know at all.

  • 3557 words, solo idols, angst
  • just read this if you love angst

Forget All the Shooting Stars and All the Silver Moons (All I Need is You) by Incadence

Maybe Jeongguk tastes like salvation. Just maybe. (Inspired by Run and I Need U )

  • 3998 words, angst with happy ending, unhealthy relationships
  • i honestly can't remember the plot (time to reread yay); it was one of my first few yoonkook fics, but i do remember the feeling it gave me throughout and after: wonderment and awe
  • it has a bit of dark undertones and heaviness, that i remember. dysfunctional shit, so if you enjoy that, you'll like this


Friday Night at the Drive-In Bingo by riveting

The four times Jungkook accompanies Yoongi to IKEA.

  • 1624 words, sort of fluff?
  • Characterization, tone, realness...dynamics!! everything was just lovely. it's so cute ): i love reading a seeking yoongi for kookie
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