• playing dress-up in a closet of funky clothes
  • doing crazy makeup just for fun (cat makeup, war paint)
  • riding a vintage bicycle around the city
  • a walk in the woods
  • photoshoots
  • singing songs around a campfire
  • old record shops
  • eating pancakes on a boat at 5 AM and watching the sun rise
  • driving around town to look at all the christmas lights
  • making dada poems
  • singing obnoxiously in the car
  • fun antique stores
  • deep conversation
  • falling asleep next to your puppy
  • skinny dipping late at night
  • scanning through photographs for hours
  • roller-skating
  • photobooths
  • decorating
  • exploring ikea
  • seeing bands perform live
  • christmas festivals in the city
  • ferris wheels at night
  • making forts
  • long walks in autumn
  • playing in a tree house

I wish I had more people who would do these things with me.

nov 29 2009 ∞
oct 27 2010 +
user picture laipse: sounds so very nice ;) nov 29 2009
user picture kitty: doesn't it? :) dec 1 2009
user picture gilbertgrape: ditto the vintage bicycle, campfire, record shops, singing obnoxiously, antique stores, deep conversations, roller skating, decorationg, ikea, bands, and ferris wheel. well actually, they all sound pretty fun :) may 21 2010