• working at a hardware store. making money and meeting new people!
  • starbucks. drink of choice: grande americano with extra soy.
  • reading. currently: "ask the dust" by john fante. next up: "office girl" by joe meno.
  • skyping with the boy & looking forward to the next time i get to see him.
  • longboarding in the forest preserve and along the lakeshore in the city.
  • evolving from vegetarian to vegan. lots of shopping at whole foods. doing some cooking based on recipes from my "food" board on pintrest. first thing i made: cajun quinoa cakes with lemon-dill sriracha remoulade.
  • healthy eating. not only vegan, but HEALTHY vegan. more organic & natural foods, less processed foods.
  • avocados. enough said.
  • reconnecting with old friends.
  • trying to implement some new exercise routines into my life. trying out yoga, belly dancing, and getting back into ballet. utilizing DVDs and youtube tutorials.
  • looking forward to summer festivals in the city.
jun 6 2013 ∞
jun 6 2013 +