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  • your kind and genuinely good heart.
  • your soft voice that always calms me down.
  • your hair.
  • your currently Blue hair.
  • your art, when you create it, talk about it and how happy it makes you.
  • when you dance (i hope to dance with you someday).
  • the way we make each other feel safe.
  • the way we are truly bonded like a family, siblings, since day 1.
  • how we listen to each other's concerns and never judge.
  • how we can trust each other.
  • the way everything is easy with you, i never feel pressured or burdened, it's always smooth.
  • the way that each day that passes by more and more you resemble the sun to me, i love how you light up my days.
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jul 4 2021 +
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  • the sun and the moon.
  • yellow and blue.
  • coffee with milk.
  • brother bear.
  • found family.
  • disney and dreamworks movies.
  • music and dancing.
  • light hearts.
  • peacemakers.
  • great men academy.
  • animes and bls.
  • kpop girl and boy groups.
  • bears.
  • pets.
  • twitches.
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jul 4 2021 +
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  • museum dates.
  • go to a coffee shop.
  • amusement park.
  • stay at home cuddling on the sofa watching Disney movies.
  • practice kpop choreographies together.
  • sing girl groups songs while having fun just the two of us.
  • go shopping together and buy matching stuff.
  • visit a sunflower field.
  • do a sun&moon photoshoot.
  • do each other's makeup and nails.
  • hold hands anywhere anytime.
  • go to the beach together.
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