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Specific Goals:

  • get on listography at least once a week (to share unnecessary information about me with Internet strangers)
  • lose 5 pounds by the end of February
  • work out 3 times a week, minimum
  • by the end of January, be able to wrap hands around heels in pilates.
  • keep up the vegetarianism!
  • get in 3 servings of vegetables every. day.
  • take time at least once every week to play music
  • take time at least twice every week to listen to music
  • manage to share one compliment or random act of kindness every day
  • every time you buy new cleaning/drugstore/food products, choose something more environmentally friendly than the last time.
  • Stop saying "I'm sorry." If you say it, correct yourself with "no, I'm not sorry." There is no need to apologize.

Rules to Live By:

  • Everyone has something good to offer. Look for it.
  • People are never perfect; stop expecting it.
  • You should matter the most to those who matter the most to you. If someone doesn't show you he/she cares, let him/her go and stop wasting your time.
  • No more excuses. If things aren't good, stick up for yourself. If you make a promise (or a threat), keep it. Be reliable.
  • Find something to smile about every five minutes.
  • Continue to be frugal, but don't worry about money as much as you do. It's okay to spend, and it's okay to splurge...occasionally.
  • Allow your creativity to breathe. Do not allow college to suffocate you.
  • You are smart. Make people know it.
  • You are powerful. Make people know it.
  • You do not have to apologize first. You are allowed to be angry and sad and euphoric; share those emotions and embrace being human.
  • Gossiping about how smart/pretty/talented someone is feels so much better than focusing on the negatives.
  • Don't let anyone compromise who you really are.
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