• (so we meet again and other cliched phra...
    • this is not a romance, by definition. this is kim jongin, both too famous and too dense to write his own memoir. this is kim jongin, stumbling awkwardly back into love.
      • (r, 11k)
  • (substandard motels between broadway and...
    • when it's too late for kai to find his way home, kyungsoo reminds him that he doesn't really need one.
      • (r, 11k)


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  • exit strategies
    • when baekhyun is eleven years old, he almost drowns in a public pool. years later, he's still carrying around the memory of what it felt like when his lungs filled with water and the world around him faded away.
      • (nc-17)
  • make a day feel like a minute
    • Chanyeol doesn’t want to ‘get to know’ the guy who comes to every show dressed in a bright gold jacket and carrying a glittery sign with Chanyeol’s name on it. Except, well, he kind of does. (It is a bitchin’ jacket.)
      • (nc-17, 30k)
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  • universal languages
    • jongdae goes to china to learn about wushu and ends up learning about himself, instead.
      • (pg13, 32k)


  • voice of my heart
    • lu han is a meddlesome friend and yixing insists he's happy with his life. but life happens in the most unexpected of ways, and chen is nothing if not unexpected. chobits!au
      • (g, 21k)


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  • take me there
    • but it’s almost like joonmyun is giving chanyeol a glimpse of his soul, giving chanyeol a piece of him and chanyeol is ne...
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  • first kiss
    • there are things jiyong wants. there are also things he can’t have. he accepts that, but sometimes it’s hard.
      • (jiyong/seungri, nc17, 30k)
  • starts
    • and yeah, it definitely starts when when lee seunghyun is sixteen.
      • (jiyong/seungri, r, 30k)
  • push and pull
    • jiyong can’t let seungri go; not then, not now, not ever.
      • (jiyong/seungri, nc17, 40k)
  • symphonies
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to read: [http://archiveofourown.org/works/934125/...]

  • a touch of humanity
    • Even if they were broken beyond repair in their past life, there was always a next time. Cue the modern setting in which Rivaille takes to the streets at the ripe age of twenty-one with the intent to kill, and a seventeen-year-old Eren Jaeger stumbles into the bad side of downtown on the worst day possible.
  • nineteen years
  • keeping time
  • freedom wing
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  • anything could happen
    • "do one scary thing a day." sehun scares himself when he talks to zitao, when he accepts his date, when he does anything with zitao that involves touching and speaking and feelings. (or sehun has social anxiety and zitao picks apart his fears with careful, understanding hands.)
      • (pg13, 10.5k)
  • that splash of color
    • sehun is convinced senior year will be the same as the rest of high school until a certain new student - zitao - catches his eye. also, jongin is an idiot.
      • (nc17, 15k)


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