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  • Practice basic language
    • Basic Japanese
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    • French vocabulary
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  • Read one French story/chapter
      • Ongoing (find good site/book)
  • Exercise lungs
  • Do short morning routine
    • Eat something small (Bevita or Honeybar)
    • Drink some water
    • Take Advair
    • Leg-up stretch
    • Downward facing dog
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  • Agate : Agate comes in many forms, colors, and textures. Although each type has additional benefits, Agate promotes strength, courage, longevity, healing, protection, love, and is used for gardening .
  • Amber : Related to the elements of Fire and Earth and the planetary body of the Sun, Amber cleanses negative energy by converting it into positive energy . Amber utilizes the powers of luck, health, protection, beauty, and strength . It brings warmth, light, and clarification to the solar energies of the body. Amber is a tree sap hardened naturally over thousands of years, sometimes millions. True Amber tends to be blemished, uneven in color, and very light weight. Do not confuse True Amber with New Amber being sold on the market which is man made. Being made of resin, Amber is very fragile and should not be held near heat or chemicals.
  • Amethyst : Amethyst is the "stone of spirituality and contentment". It balances the energies of the intellectual, emotional, and physical bodies. Clears the aura and bestows stability, st... . Also known as the "stone of meditation"...__treatment of hearing disorders, strengthe...__ . Also used to treat nervous disorders, digestive tract,... .
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      • TFL subjects
      • Fanart (crosslisted with AFL; "Anime/Manga Fanart") - currently under Dead Link warning
      • Kiryu, Yoshiyu (Joshua) & Neku Sakuraba (World Ends With You; croslisted with AFL)
      • Amagi, Yukiko & Chie Satonaka (Persona 4)
      • Kujikawa, Rise & Naoto Shirogane (Persona 4)
      • Vaan & Penelo (Final Fantasy 12)
      • Jade & Peony (Tales of the Abyss; crosslisted with AFL)
      • AFL Subjects (crossposted at AFL Boards)
      • Air Treck (Air Gear)
      • Hao & Yoh Asakura (both Relationship/Rivalry; to be kept together)
      • Deadman Wonderland
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  • Adventure Time: Finn the Human
  • Air Gear: Kazuma Mikura
  • Air Gear: Kururu
  • Air Gear: Spitfire
  • Avatar The Last Airbender: Appa
  • Avatar The Last Airbender: Sokka
  • Avatar The Last Airbender: Toph Bei Fong
  • Beyblade: Max
  • Bleach: Chad
  • Card Captor Sakura: Clow Reed
  • Card Captor Sakura: Sakura
  • Card Captor Sakura: Sakura & Tomoyo
  • Card Captor Sakura: Touya & Yukito
  • Digimon: Izzy
  • Digimon: T.K.
  • Digimon: Wizardmon
  • Durarara!!: Mikado
  • Final Fantasy: Lulu
  • Final Fantasy: Snow Villers & Serah Farron
  • Final Fantasy: Vaan & Penelo
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  • anime/manga
    • Akito Sohma (Fruits Basket)
    • Arcobaleno (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)
    • Byakuran & Shouichi Irie (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)
    • Ikki Minami & Kazuma Mikura (Air Gear)
    • Ladies of (One Piece)
  • video games
    • Sora, Ventus, Vanitas & Roxas (Kingdom Hearts)
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  • continuously build on Secrets Out
    • Add at least one new series a day, if possible
  • add fanfiction to Fast Words whenever found
  • create layout for icon site
    • re-install IconSort
    • add all old icons
    • make at least one new icon a day, if possible
  • check Tumblrs
    • ensure there is at least a 25 queue set up
    • spam if desired
  • come up with more site ideas? Be creative!
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(#1)(You’re right about the links. Also there is a text limit on Tumblr asks, so i’ll split this up. If you want to message me on AIM or Skype, my SN is on my blog… I leave my accounts logged in 90% of the time even when AFK or busy). anyway - i don’t own a Dikadoll but i’ve always been tempted! do you have a Den of Angels account? Their wiki contains measurements of most company’s MSD girls, if you want to research the “perfect fit” yourself, and there are discussion threads about clothes

(2) Generally Dikadoll MSD are not considered slim, so be wary of anything with that tag. However, they have slightly below standard size feet (5.3cm length, i don’t know the width). You can probably get away with buying shoes up to 6cm as long as you stuff the toes with tissue paper or plastic wrap. 5.5-6cm shoes are likely to be wide- important bc the width of th...

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