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Hi there!! This is my kin list and Byr!!

sweetwines follows:
  • kinning isn't that important to me anymore and I'm fine with doubles for all my kins!!!
  • ids

jade harley (Homestuck) Noah sweetwine (ill give you the sun) sonya rostova (great comet) baz pitch (carry on) magnus chase (magnus chase series) caleb michaels (the bright sessions) peter nureyev (the penumbra podcast) indrid cold (the adventure zone amnesty)

  • Kins

June Iparis (legend trilogy) Annabeth Chase (Rick Riordan books) Ralph (Lord of the flies) Molly (Lumberjanes) Pidge Gunderson (Voltron) hero cookie (cookie run) crow (newsprints) daniel jacobi (wolf 359) brian jeeter (the strange case of starship iris) nick nelson (heartstopper) adikias (razia's shadow)

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