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This is a list of what it’s like inside the system A&B
This tells about the alters and fictives in it, as well as lists the host’s kin.

A&B system follows:

If I’m kin with stuff I’m uncomfortable with sharing or embarrassed about being kin with then I’m not going to list it anywhere - this also counts for fictives who show up in my system and who don’t wanna be known as that, they’ll present themselves as kin shifts and they’ll be put on a list with other kin shifts

Some fictives I have I’m still kin with and or some of them are very in-between so they might be listed twice

Ask for unlisted kins / you can see alters and fictives heights, ages, and orientations in the archive (may be unupdated)

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This is a system that has two sides, one side for alters and one side for fictives, this is the way the host has decided to organize them. This system consists of three hosts, first being the owner of the body, and second being the protector over the entire system, third being a very prominent alter used to cope with several types of trauma. Elyot, Sydney, and Alien. We were diagnosed with DDNOS (until proven something else idk). Kin are listed here for the point that the side B of system (for fictives) has a space for kin shifts that are questioned fictives, this having a shared account on instagram with kin shifts. If in the lists for fictives and or kin there is a (?) next to a name that means the shift may be a questioned fictive.

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  • Pepper P. Paws.
  • Rosie (Rose)
  • Sydney Romaya (Syd) - HOST
  • Blue
  • Alien (Jack) Knightely - HOST
  • Dani (?)
  • Alivia Aden
  • Evin Taylor (Evie)
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please don’t interact if you’re in this shift, AND OR it’s ok to interact in this shift as long as I have a canonmate and or tell you it’s comfortable for me (I’m picky with doubles) Just DM me and ask ~ please put a cover photo and or a TW on posts or an inval for tagging others as these characters ~


  • Miku Hatsune
  • Disciple (Homestuck)
  • Xayah
  • Gamora zen Whoberi Ben Titan
  • Genji Shimada
  • Junkrat
  • The doll (Bloodborne)
  • Connor Murphy
  • Ren Hana
  • Ezreal (any skin)
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  • Terezi Pyrope
  • Dave Strider
  • Mom (Roxanne Lalonde-Strider)


  • Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan


  • Xayah (-)
  • Sona Buvelle
  • SG Ezreal
  • Evelynn (+skins listed in kin)


  • Genji Shimada
  • Junkrat (Jamison Fawkes)


  • The plain doll (Sarah)


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Once you read all of this, DM me the password so I know you’ve read all of it!

“Welcome to the world of the waking

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Bodily host

  • Elyot - @youralienprince

Secondary host

  • Sydney - @sharkbabysyd

Third host

  • Alien - @system.side.a

Other accounts

  • Rosie, Pepper, Blue - @threetailssixears
  • Kin / fictives - @Irlren.hana


  • The side A account is also used by some of the other alters
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  • Kankri Vantas
  • Karkat Vantas
  • Disciple (Leijon-Vantas)
  • Damara Megido
  • Meulin Leijon
  • Meenah Peixes
  • John Egbert
  • Porrim Maryam (?)
  • Mindfang (?)
  • Roxy Lalonde
  • Mituna Captor
  • Terezi Pyrope


  • Peter parker
  • Gwen Stacy


  • Sona (DJ, Odyssey, Pentakill)
  • Kayn/leaning shadow assassin
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