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Reaching for the last tub of blueberry yogurt at the same time as an admittedly good looking stranger is not a meet-cute. It’s another inconvenience in Taeyong’s already awful day.

But there was one problem.

Johnny was really fucking hot.

  • Castling ❤❤❤ doyoung/jaehyun chaptered

“There are no vampires in Rookswood.” Johnny’s smiling slightly. It’s an unfinished smile, like a house without a roof - it’s got everything it should have but it’s missing that core element that makes it whole.

“What about Jaehyun, then?” His name is an anchor on Doyoung’s tongue.

Johnny doesn’t stop smiling. “Why, he’s our neighbour, of course.”


Sicheng falls in love with a man from across the sea.

Veela blood runs through Marks veins. Jeno calls it a challenge.

Doyoung swears that if Yuta says "no homo" once more, he's just going to kiss the hell out of him.

jisung only has 1 fear (hogwarts!au)

The first time, Sicheng's reasonably certain, is an accident.

markhyuck get stuck in a store over night.

Taeyong's never kept an eye out for flowers, but this spring, all that simultaneously haunts and comforts him are the sprigs of white lilac.

The file reads, very clearly, Sex Tapes.

''Oh,'' a voice says. It's breathy and unfamiliar, the only reason Jaehyun glances at the newcomer at all, and then it's his turn to say it: ''Oh.''

Sicheng was born to fly. He’s just a little accident prone.

Johnny works at Panera Bread, and it's always absolutely a disaster

  • Stupid Cupid mark/jaemin, part of the same series as the johnten fic ❤❤❤

“Spoiled?” Mark asks as he pushes himself up, leaning against the back of the booth chair. “Spoiled with what?” Mark narrows his eyes playfully, slumping down in the booth and trapping Jaemin’s legs between his own.

“With my ever prevalent presence, of course,” Jaemin laughs, flipping his fair in faux sass.

Taeyong makes him feel important.

As the best soldier of the army, Yukhei's duty is to obey and fight, not to chase after his lost, possibly dead soulmate.

Taeyong doesn't know what Doyoung wants. They don't talk about it, which is undeniably a bad idea.

Ten finally asks Kun to fuck his thighs.

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