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{various pairings or gen}

Twelve people on the twelfth floor.

Kyungsoo starts to work in the Blooming Daisies and falls for the beauty of the orchards, the perfume of afternoon teas and the melancholy of the seven siblings who live there.

There are two high schools that serve the town Kris lives in: K High, which serves the well-to-do area of town, and M High, where the rest of the kids are shipped off to. In an attempt at fixing the problems at M High, the school administration decides to pilot a scheme where some of the K High students are transferred in. Kris didn’t think that the school administration had really thought this plan through remarkably well.

wherein they're all obsessed with networking sites that only produce chaos and a lot of unhealthy feels.

At first Jongin was going to ignore it.

  • black magic ♡ kaisoo; side: baekyeol, taoris, hunhan, xiuhan, taohun, suchen. 170k.

Kyungsoo didn't ask for this. He didn't care that he actually had Dragon blood flowing through his veins. He didn't care that the prestigious School of Magic wanted to train. He didn't care that he might be the key to ending a 500 year war against the Dark Dragons. Kyungsoo just wanted to continue scraping by in the lower rings of society. No classes, no homework, no trainers, and especially no annoying pretty-boys named Kai.

in which everyone says fuck it and makes a channel starring 12 guys who post videos that have no common subject and somehow become famous.

Tao is a troublemaking runaway and Sehun talks too much. Chanyeol's lackaidasical and Baekhyun is sunshine. Minseok is always wrong, and Luhan's right about everything. Jongin's new in town and Kyungsoo jsut wants to study in peace. Jongdae loves to meddle and Yixing knows nothing about lve. Yifan's as lonely as it gets and Junmyeon's a little bit of an asshole.

AU where EXO spend their days in a strip mall and are slightly less cool than they are in real life.

[office!au] Twelve guys and one software startup. Baekhyun’s that new guy, Chanyeol's the guy who falls for the new guy, Kyungsoo has pedo problems, Junmyeon's the oblivious CEO, Kris is the cutthroat CFO, Yixing’s out to get more vacation time, Tao’s a receptionist (sorta), Minseok is a closeted romantic, Jongin’s the intern that actually does stuff, Sehun’s the intern that doesn’t, and Luhan and Jongdae just like messing around.

exo celebrates christmas like any other year, but joonmyun notices how the living room seems to be getting less and less crowded.

  • zodiac ♡ ot12, baekyeol, kaisoo, hunhan

"The Oracle has seen the twelve united. War is coming to the Nations. We must prepare for battle."

  • Warmth 7.5k, platonic baekhyun/everyone

There’s just something about cuddling, about knowing the other person likes him enough to let him be as close as physically possible, that makes Baekhyun happy.

In which up-and-coming supermodel Tao is actually a lonely vagabond traversing the cities of the Far East while in search of himself in glossy magazines and in the pages of Murakami novels.

The Chinese branch of Kingsman calls for help, V-day is not over, and Sehun probably needs to learn Mandarin Chinese as quickly as he can.

Jongin thinks there could be worse jobs than waitering in Mr. Pizza--or the story of how Kim Jongin became the next Galahad.

  • Interning ♡ 92k. kaisoo, baekyeol, fanxing, hunhan.

twelve boys, one internship.

Kyungsoo's coworkers make plans to help him find a Valentine's Day sweetheart, not knowing that Kyungsoo already has one.

  • Poor Unfortunate Souls. fanxing, baekyeol, one-sided taoris, one-sided hunhan. xiuhan.

Nothing is broken or forgotten. That's the deal.

Everyone wants a taste of Kyungsoo.

Such a complicated thing, love triangles. Kyungsoo realizes he's selfish in love, learns that tall boys are aggressive when they fight over what they think it's theirs.

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