✦ no chronological order; italics are analyses (some mine, some translated from baidu)

  • krisyeol fanalysis: (i)
  • chanyeol: contrary to what kris hyung is worrying about, i’m doing well. hyung took really good care of me but after being separated for almost a month to promote, i miss you very very much, i want to see you soon so we can practice together.
  • chanyeol: even as a man myself, kris hyung is really a handsome man
  • the special way that krisyeol looks at each other
    • the differences between krisyeol and other otps are the look in their eyes, their smiles, and the occasional possessiveness. these are things that nobody can be replace.
    • the way kris looks at chanyeol
  • suho's birthday party: chanyeol was with ...
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