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  • A:
    ACL injury
  • B: boredom
  • C: Creepy Croatian Man
  • D: distance
  • E: expiration dates that lie
  • F: feeling like a failure
  • G: gold is an ugly colour
  • H: having cold fingers
  • I: ignorance
  • J: jealousy
  • K: kicking something out of frustration and ending up in pain because of it
  • L: limitations being placed on what I can do with myself
  • M: missing people
  • N: not always liking what I see when I look in the mirror
  • O: outliving friendships
  • P: procrastinating on homework to the point where it's just a shitty rush job to finish it
  • Q: questions I don't know how to answer
  • R: rainbows not actually having gold at the end
  • S: split ends
  • T: that my hair isn't growing fast enough
  • U: unanswered or ignored texts/IM's
  • V: vying for someone's attention
  • W: Winter, because it's cold as hell
  • X: x is a stupid letter to start words with
  • Y: yellow vehicles
  • Z: zoom lenses that have poor focus on maximum zoom
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