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  • go on a road trip down the west coast of NA
  • get my half sleeve tattoo
  • publish a feature article in an international magazine
  • make a more permanent, long-term move to a city
  • own a jeep again, and be able to afford the insurance and gas all on my own
  • have a "real job" that will pay my bills, let me go out, and still have money to save
  • spend a birthday at Disneyland
  • learn french (fluently, if possible)
  • return to dancing
  • get in shape and stay in shape
  • volunteer/intern internationally with GVI or similar
  • get my PADI certification
  • read my writing at an open mic night
  • do one thing a month out of my comfort zone, for a whole year
  • complete a 365 picture challenge
  • buy the remaining lenses I want (35-105/3.5, 77/1.8)
  • go back to university, if I'm serious about it
apr 17 2012 ∞
dec 3 2013 +