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  • Even though I am constantly at the end of many short jokes, and my legs would be fabulously long if I were taller, I enjoy being small.
  • I used to beat up boys as a child, but just the ones my friends had crushes on, because that's how kids said they liked each other, but my friends were too chicken to do it themselves. At the time, it seemed logical.
  • I have never broken a bone, despite being very accident/injury prone.
  • I hate being vulnerable, in any sense. And I hate that people can make me feel that way.
  • I say I don't eat pork, but what I really mean is I only don't eat bacon or sausage.
  • I have good long term memory, and shit short term memory. I often leave myself post-its or lists of things I need to remember to do.
  • When I get really cold, my lungs hurt and I have a hard time breathing.
  • I have a habit with saying "just one more..." in reference to anything I am doing, because it often turns into many more (ie. making paper cranes, eating raspberries, rounds on the treadmill, etc.)
  • If I had the money, I would probably never leave school, even though I complain about homework and stupid classes. I would leave Edmonton to do school somewhere else though.
  • I am not good at taking compliments. I'm just not. They make me uncomfortable a lot of the time.
  • I hate materialism, but I have a hard time not buying useless shit, or getting rid of things I don't need and am just keeping because "I might need it someday."
  • I don't like talking about my feelings. Unlesss I'm really drunk...but then I hate that it happened by the next day.
  • I don't have a hero or an idol or people I look up to or worship.
  • When I'm not in school, I am not very good at remembering what day of the week it is.
  • I'm weird with food. I hate tomatoes, but love ketchup. I don't like mushrooms, but I eat mushroom soup.
  • When I was younger, I used to call my parents by their real names, instead of mommy and daddy. My dad absolutely hated this.
  • Horses have been the cause of my two major injuries, and I still want to ride.
  • I almost never "miss" people. I sometimes tell people I miss/missed them...but a lot of the time I don't really mean it like that.
  • If money weren't an option, I would have been gone a long time ago.
  • I have anxiety, but it's minor, and very random.
  • I am attracted to odd things, like teeth and certain ways people smile.
  • I buy Jones Soda more for the "fortune" bottle cap than the taste. I choose the bottle in my desired flavour by the picture on it.
  • When I drink hot beverages like tea/lattes/frappuccino's/etc, I will always lick my lips after taking a drink. Every single time.
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