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  • “Did you get a tan?” “No Sam, that’s my natural skin tone.” “THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT!”
  • May 2009 - Europe (despite circumstances)
  • September long - camping in Jasper
  • PROW parties
  • drunk calls from Shane
  • snorkeling and zip-lining in the Dominican
  • TGAP!
  • "Get the scientists!"
  • that time in London when I was so drunk I turned around and smashed my forehead into the bathroom door, and laughed until I cried
  • "Hey, you! I'm going to rape your corpse." "Oh hey Mike, nothing new, what's up?" "Do...I even want to know what you two are talking about?"
  • when Vanessa, Brian and Nicole came back to 'Nessa's, wasted from the bar, and all tried to talk over each other to explain the night...all with different versions of what happened
  • 4am swinging
  • Shane liiiiiiiiikes me
  • city exploring
  • vodka nights
  • "At the end of the first year what did Hagrid give Harry before he got on the train?" "An owl." "Noooo, at the END of the school year." "Ohhhhh.......uhhhhm.......a hug?" "...What?..."
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