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  • a motherfucking island
  • monster truck
  • a darkroom
  • a Victorian style house with a porch big enough to fit a squishy couch on, giant hedges as a fence all the way around and climbable trees in the backyard
  • a plane so i could travel whenever i wanted
  • THAT chance
  • a fully stocked liquor cabinet
  • a king sized bed with silk sheets
  • for it to be sunny 75% of the time
  • to go into space
  • to have one week to experience everything I never have, with no negative consequences
  • a time machine
  • to discover if alternate time-lines exist
  • stupid people to stop breeding
    • also, shipped off onto one continent and giant walls erected to keep them in
  • Pokemon to exist
  • dinosaurs
dec 23 2009 ∞
jan 20 2017 +