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Just a mercurial turtle who's too lazy to get shit done.


Stuff I started

  • Continuation of Branching Paths
  • In Fine Feather (birb AU)
  • Clinically Dead (zombie Wen Qing AU)

One shots or doable WIPs

  • Eye of the Stygian Tiger (golden core training montage WIP)
  • WWX channelizes MXY's ghost to chat
  • WN and WQ had kitties
  • Wen Qing and botany
  • Sizhui and Wen Ning post-temple adventures before and after the Fuckening
  • Sizhui tells Jingyi (and JL?) his backstory
  • Sizhui and Jingyi's first trip to town
  • Jingyi has an actual family of OCs
  • Book seller OC becomes wangxian's sex ed teacher (also, Chuck Tingle exists)
  • Clandestine LGBT+ cultivator club invites wangxian to join
  • wangxian and the juniors fly kites
  • WWX becomes friends with random Lan kid

AUs to develop

  • Sizhui remembers early AU
  • WWX has normal memory AU
  • Wens are good and WN goes to Cloud Recesses AU
  • Crane husband fairy tale AU
  • Musician modern AU
  • WWX's modern day reincarnation time travels a la Inuyasha, becomes immortal w/LWJ eventually AU
  • WWX is an alien visiting Earth AU
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