krixing, chen/xiumin (doctor-who-inspired, alternate realities au)

  • "the universe just has a habit of bringing you to places where you need to be, at the right time."
  • xiumin as the doctor/minseok, jongdae as his newest companion, kris as the doctor's best friend and yixing as .... someone something somewhere sometime
  • "you could have been there with me on all these journeys, all these adventures; you were my best friend and i would never have left you behind here."
  • pandorica?

chen/xiumin (maybe suho/chen/xiumin love triangele + kyungsoo/hyunsik)

  • "every word means another thing to everybody; minseok just can't figure out what "minseok" really means to jongdae."
  • "the clock beeps 00:00 on his wristwatch and minseok feels that everything he has with jongdae is just like that: zero."
sep 9 2012 ∞
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