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  • exo over flowers (where all 12 members of exo are turned into girls who attend exadus high school)
    • characters
      • kris as kristina: aloof and outrageously tall is kristina, the captain of the girl's basketball team. although her cold appearance intimidates people, she is actually a lonely girl inside who has difficulty expressing herself to the people she loves.
      • yixing as yixuan: friendly cheerleader who is famous for her sunshine smile and overall optimism. her only flaw is her perseverance in perfecting everything, leading her to injuries most of the time and is the cause of many arguments with cleu.
      • xiumin as xiuli: all-rounder star student who chooses to focus her attention on the girl's soccer team and who is also in the school band where she plays the clarinet. having a way with words, she is usually the peacemaker among her friends and schoolmates.
      • suho as suli: president of the student body, deservedly won because of her kind-heartedness and her ability in implementing efficient changes to the school. she firmly believes in making the school a better place for everybody and is dynamic in championing this belief to her team. in private though, she is often indecisive (especially in love) and are thus often (fondly) walked all over by her friends.
      • chen (jongdae) as junghee: the main star of the choir who also started the glee club of the school; gifted with a strong and sweet voice and an equally sweet smile, which has guys falling on their knees for her, she is vivacious and charismatic but she also works hard for everything she wants, including the one she loves.
      • tao as taozi: the school's pride and wushu champion. don't be fooled by her tough exterior, she is actually shy and romantic in private and who prefers reading in the campus garden and taking walks on the beach when she is not practicing.
      • luhan as ruhua: as her name suggests, ruhua is the belle of the school who isn't all beauty and no brains for she is also the president of the mathematics club and the striker in the girl's soccer team, alongside with xiuli. she is easy-going but she can be stubborn and protective of her closest friends.
      • baekhyun as baehyun: strong, independent and creative, baehyun is the school's rising design star. some say her creative juices come from her immense experience with men but it all boils down to her fierce belief in free love, sex and creativity for everybody.
      • chanyeol as chanyeon: the resident fighter in school who stands up for those who are bullied. she believes in upholding justice and is just as fiercely loyal and protective of her friends, especially baehyun who is her best friend.
      • kyungsoo as kyungsoon: the undoubtedly president of the cooking and baking club, she only throws a temper when her kitchen has been trespassed and made a mess of but other than that, she is as meek as a little lamb. with her heart of gold and soft-spoken words, she is currently the only one who is able to tame kailing.
      • kai as kailing: the school's main dancer with her sleek and clean moves, she is always finding ways to bring her dance to another level. contrary to her appearance of arrogance, she actually doesn't look down on her schoolmates; she acts in this way as she is afraid of being looked down by her peers who are richer and smarter than her. her sweet and nice side is only shown to her friends, especially kyungsoon and yixuan.
      • sehun as seyoon: quiet and reserved is this president of the chess club, she likes to observe and listen quietly at the side but she isn't afraid to voice her opinions and analysis when it comes to matters that tugs at her heartstrings. best friends with ruhua, both of them harbor a deep admiration and affection for each other and it is only with ruhua's persuasion that she is brave enough to try out for the dance club.
      • des as deshane: he is the male main dancer of the dance club and kailing's partner for most of the performances. sweet, kind-hearted and devoted, he only has eyes for the aloof kristina and does everything and anything to make her happy. but there is no denying that he admires kailing for all her aspirations and her drive to make them happen.
      • cleo as cleu: fun-loving and always on the look-out for beautiful objects, he is the much-acclaimed photographer. currently dating both yixuan and xiuli, he always has a way to balance things out between the three of them (four if you include junghae who is also dating xiuli). he is also persuasive and is able to slightly manipulate to get his own way.
    • ROMANCEU ❤
      • deshane/kristina: what started as an admiration for the cold and intimidating kristina quickly turned into a full-fledged crush and deshane pulls everything to woo the tall basketballer; leaving notes, apples and homemade soups into her lockers. though there was no outward reply from kristina, but in truth she has already been attracted to the dancer's graceful moves and is always on the lookout for him. seeing him on the bleachers during all her practices and matches, she is always secretly happy and he unconsciously becomes a motivation for her to play better. it is only through yixuan, does she realize her fallen heart for deshane but being afraid of relationships, she decides to keep her feelings a secret and waits for more confirmation from him. they get to know each other better through forced double-dates with cleu and yixuan, and car-rides back to her home and finally, deshane (barely) gets the courage to confess to kristina, who shyly accepts and reciprocates his feelings. after 3 months of sweet moments, deshane comes to a phrase of insecurity about their relationship and he worries that kristina might not love him as much as he thought. what is going to happen to them as they work through their insecurities and the problems in their relatonships?
      • yixuan/cleu/xiuli/junghee: cleu and yixuan met at a basketball match where cleu's eyes were caught by yixuan's bright sunny smiles and he gathers all his determination to woo the pretty cheerleader. as much as his courting techniques are old-fashioned (with cheesy written love poems and star-gazing outings), they do work and he manages to get yixuan to be his girlfriend. a month later at the school's 100th anniversary, cleu's wandering eyes are once again caught by the star student, xiuli who was performing her solo on stage but held back by his guilt and loyalty towards yixuan, he keeps his attractions a secret. from ruhua, he learns that xiuli has no interest in relationships at the moment as she is too caught up by her many activities and interest and this piece of information piques his interest more than is allowed but still, yixuan is kept in the dark regarding his new affections. cleu starts to spend his time lingering around xiuli without making a move or making his feelings known but the intuitive xiuli quickly picks up his motives and is slightly flattered by his attraction. yixuan begins to notice that her boyfriend isn't the same and soon, she realizes to her betrayed heart that he has fallen for another which leads her to ask for a break-up but the insistent and persuasive cleu manages to persuade her to maintain an open relationship that gives them the freedom to date others while dating each other. at the same time, xiuli gains a new suitor in junghee, the star singer of the school and who is determined to make xiuli hers, much to the dismay of cleu. caught between the two, xiuli becomes flustered even though she is just as flattered and happy by their affections and it is after she learns about cleu and yixuan's open relationship that she is curious enough to try one herself with her two suitors. finally it seems that cleu and xiuli are able to have both worlds and together with yixuan and junghee, they are able to maintain a pretty harmonious relationship. however right at this moment, yixuan's often injuries and her stubborn tendency to strain herself perfecting her moves, lead to a strain on her relationship with cleu and slowly they begin to realize that they are unable to spend time together without quarreling. what is going to happen to the four of them and will they be able to get rid of the confusion and conflict as they seek to find the one they love the most and attain the happiness they want?
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