• names: chloe, thais, sora, sophia, carrie, clara, lily, charlotte, emma, rosie, amy, elisa
  • korean: mira, sori, minah, minhee, kyungmi, miyoung, hyomin, hyemin, hyerin, hyeri, hyemi,

words .

  • lovelorn, lackadaisical, elixir, apropos, 废话, 乱象, 做梦, 逃避 l'esprit d'escalier, clandestine, elsewhere, breathe, amorette, closure, dissipate, dolce niente, abbreviated, hallucination, tealeaves, fairydust, mirage, stardust
  • 一见钟情, 花鳥風月, 对牛弹琴, 爱不释手
  • lovely, sympathy, fantasy, gloom, peace, hilarious, novelty, empathy, sparkle, harmony, beauty, crystal, ethereal, celestial, chandelier, effervescent, enchanted, epitome, epiphany, iridescent, lullaby
  • epistemic ambivalence, say hello to goodbye, say hello to forever, c'est la vie, c'est la mort, presque vu, jamais vu, deja vu, give and take, lost and found, push and pull, stop and go; can't stop won't stop, down the rabbit hole (and back again), through the looking glass, goodbye mon amour, collecting dust, up, up, and away, written in the stars (scars), glass house, kingdom by the sea, wish upon a star, counting sheep
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