• Paint your nails a sparkly, popping colour you love
      • Watch Mary Poppins and sing along
      • Go to the library and get yourself a big stack of your favourite books
      • Take an extra long shower
      • Wear your most extravagant dress
      • Look in the mirror and tell yourself you're beautiful
      • Put some good music on and dance in your underwear
      • Clean up your livingspace
      • Look at pictures of you and your friends
      • Light scented candles
      • Start plotting for Christmas!
      • Fantasise about a secret date with your crush
      • Call a friend and laugh
      • Give yourself presents!
      • Buy yourself a beautiful notebook and write long love letters to yourself in it
      • Make up your own secret language
      • Light 100 candles in your room and imagine you're a magical fairy
      • Make up an imaginary friend and tell them all your dreams
      • Let your inner child out and buy it everything from playdough to a princess crown!
      • Start planning a trip you'd like to make
      • Flick trough magazines and tear out your favourite pages and put them somewhere you can look at them
      • Collect all your stuffed animals and have your own halloween party
      • Bake cookies and decorate them!
      • Dream about being a rockstar
      • Make hot chocolate for yourself
      • Tell yourself how much you love you, even if it's not true

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