do not follow if:

  • you fit the basic dfi criteria
  • you don't believe in feminism
  • you support trump
  • you are an anti of bts
  • you don't like seeing anime / kpop on your dash
  • you don't believe that asexuality is a thing
  • you'll get mad at me for using he/him pronouns for arashi

you shouldn't follow if:

  • you like to start drama
  • you don't like anything here
  • you don't like eichi tenshouin
  • you have an issue with cis-heteromantics
  • you think izumako is ok but call out other ships 4 being abusive (smh)
  • you're subaruP/izumiP

what you should know:

  • i am constantly anxious and tend to move accounts a lot
  • i sometimes become negative on my feed, but very rarely
  • i can become overexcited over certain things
  • i love bts a lot
  • i get nervous of what people think
  • i post kpop and anime / enstars
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