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If there's one thing in life I'm sure of, it's the fact that I'm not like everyone else.

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  • too predictable
  • Not Spontaneous Enough. (which is why i'm predictable)
  • hopelessly hopeful
  • always sets herself up for disaster
  • constantly whines, yet hates when others do it
  • hypocritical in so many ways
  • too goddamn sarcastic
  • always at the wrong place, wrong time
  • awkward in social situations
  • follows what every other person says
  • refuses to follow her heart 80% of the time
  • dreams and wishes but never makes them come true
  • too emotionally invested in everything else but reality
  • needs to stop being in a world of her own
  • freak magnet
  • desperately in need of a nice boyfriend
  • acts like she isn't
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may 16 2009 +