with amy

  • bts : jhope, jin, taehyung, jungkook
  • exo : sehun, kai, chen, lay, baekhyun, chanyeol
  • got7 : im jaebum / jb, park jinyoung / jr, jackson, mark
  • infinite : sunggyu, myungsoo, dongwoo
  • svt : wonwoo, mingyu
  • teen top : l.joe, changjo, niel
  • vixx : ken, leo, n, hyuk
  • 2d : jack frost (rotg), haru (free!), nagisa (free!), rei (free!)
  • actors : benedict cumberbatch, chris evans, chris pine, dylan o'brien, andrew garfield, henry cavill, brett dalton, sam claflin, kim soohyun
  • other/solo artists : beenzino, victor kim, kim woobin, leejongsuk, kris wu
jun 8 2013 ∞
may 25 2016 +

aka things that make me happy or induce the feeling [LOUD YELLING]

videos: jiro/danson acting like a couple, show & jolin: marry me today, show singing a bit of 'crazy', hello l.joe!!, changjo playing with kids' toys: poop + punching gun, charlieissocoollike: this is my life & eating cereal for 10mins omg (why this cracks me up we may never know), teen top does secret's 'shy boy', snsd's into the new world: sbs 2009 + first world tour, hello kris! he waves, neil patrick harris: it's not just for gays anymore + what if life were more like theater? + duet with hugh jackman, leehom singing a cny song, hugh jackman's oscar's opening number, teen top playing with helium, teen top's be ma girl: inkigayo perf, benedict reading "the little red hen", sherlock and john take a trip to the usa..., jungkook playing with a stuffed animal ;...

music: that one song from dream high, disney medleys: doo-wop shop, the book of mormon: hello - tony awards vers, smash: never give all the heart, chestersee: rumour has it, frozen ost: 放開手,讓它走, leehom: 依然愛你

images: jack frost: opening + art + kneeling with baby tooth (the attn to detail!! omf) + ice bunny + smirk, kris: wiggling fingers + a drawing + TOO PERFECT, avengers kittens, l.joe: in a suit thing, bradley james: arthur, you came to the right neighborhood!, jensen ackles: 20y/o, benedict cumberbatch: TOO MUCH JUST LOOK THROUGH YOUR TAGS, chris pine: get it together honey, tyler posey: shake your booty, snape's monologue, jungkook: actual puppy & just one day bts 01 & just one day bts 02 & jungkook + puppy ;; & cutest & boyfriend & everything in the jungkook tag, JUNGKOOK AND TAEHYUNG BYE, ya'll fricked it up

jan 15 2013 ∞
nov 23 2014 +
  • nutella mug cake
  • frozen reese's peanut butter pie
  • chocolate kiwi popsicles
  • sriracha chex mix
  • cheesy pepperoni pizza bread
  • 2ingredient recipes
  • self rising flour
  • mug recipes
  • things to do with cereal
jan 3 2013 ∞
apr 29 2014 +

♡ jeon jungkook ♡ kim mingyu ♡ arron yan ♡


  • benedict cumberbatch
  • chris evans
  • dylan o'brien
  • henry cavill
  • tom hiddleston
  • bradley james


  • l.joe (teen top)
  • taehyung & seokjin (bangtan boys)
  • sanghyuk (vixx)


  • steve rogers / captain america (marvel)
  • jack frost (rise of the guardians)
  • okumura yukio (ao no exorcist)
  • minato arisato (persona 3)
  • souji seta (persona 4)
dec 29 2012 ∞
may 25 2016 +