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do u ever look at ushijima wakatoshi and think WOW is there anyone as great OH WAIT there's otabek altin do u ever look at otabek altin and think WOW is there anyone as great OH WAIT there's ushijima wakatoshi do u ever look at ushijima wakatoshi and think WOW is there anyone as great OH WAIT there's otabek altin do u ever look at otabek altin and think WOW is there anyone as great OH WAIT th


this is just. a list of things that if i see it, i will unfollow/softblock you for. please consider it a warning right now.

  • shiratorizawa/ushijima hate. honestly. you shouldn't be following twitter user ushijima_ebooks if you hate on them anyway
  • you post/talk about a lot of untagged chara death angst ideas. i express A LOT that they mess me up and i can't read them.
  • "bush did 9/11" jokes. you can GUESS why i don't find this funny at all.
  • excessive chara/ship hate, and you are a public account. private? i don't care. public accounts doing it squicks me a lot.

i will update this as i remember things. lmao

aug 24 2016 ∞
aug 24 2016 +

main fandoms that you'll see here:

  • bungo stray dogs
  • yuri on ice
  • haikyuu

fandoms that you'll see mentioned here and there:

  • dangan ronpa franchise
  • final fantasy
  • ajin
  • bnha
  • mad men (not really a fandom but w/e)
  • fallout shenanigans
  • persona
  • pokemon

other shit

  • i will talk a lot about ushijima wakatoshi and otabek altin. if you don't want to hear about them/don't like them then. Well
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jan 16 2017 +

i am but a single reffie

TWITTER: @otabek_ebooks

TUMBLR: tendousatori

some factoids

  • i am 21 years old
  • i am a uni student, senior, studying intl affairs/chinese
  • i go to the University of Georgia
  • i am poc/black and. many things so im not gonna bother listing them
  • my pronouns are they/them
  • i am extremely opinionated and tend to debate things very often, especially on things concerning politics and fandom behaviors.
  • sometimes, i won't know if something i say irritates/angers/is rude. please tell me! i won't find offense! i honestly want to know so I can better myself.
  • i love ushijima wakatoshi and otabek altin a whole lot
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jan 16 2017 +

these are things that i either A) won't talk about or B) won't read fics about

  • unresolved angst. my go-to motto is that i'll read the angst as long as, in the end, the pairing ends up 1) happy, 2) together, 3) alive in the end. PLEASE do not talk to me about character death!!! i don't like it AT ALL and it sends me into a bad space.
  • cheating
  • animal/pet death
  • WWII aus
  • unrequited pairings (SEEMINGLY unrequited is okay, as long as it really is requited)
  • permanent break-up fics
  • can u tell a pattern here im very picky with angst
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dec 22 2016 +

don't follow if

  • you dislike shiratorizawa/ushijima. this may seem ridiculous but tbh i PROMISE it will do you and me a helluva lot of good if you seriously thought about this one lmao. i talk about them a LOT and they are my fav team so if you dislike them there's no real point in being here
  • you dislike bungou stray dogs. i will be posting about it A LOT so there is... no point in following me if you don't like it.
  • you don't want to hear about anything political. i will be political. it will be very important to me.

that's actually the only things i can think of right now is that really all there is to me? i'll probably add more to this later

i won't follow back if

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feb 4 2017 +

just a list of things that make me uncomfortable. you don't necessarily need to tag them for me, but if you could have a warning for them that would be cool, yes yes.

  • hamilton aus-- don't get me wrong i ADORE hamilton but for some reason hamilton aus make me REALLY uncomfortable bc i feel it takes out a really important part of it for me (the black influence on it as a whole)
  • angst aus-- i've already mentioned before that i NEED chara death/chronic illness aus tagged, but unresolved angst also makes me quite uncomfortable
  • octopimp-- tbh if you really really like him you shouldn't be following me BUT i will put it here instead. anyway after that "thug nagisa" shit he had in 50% Off he has squicked me ever since lmao because i Completely believe that it is racist (i...
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