• The Catacombs, Paris
  • McNulty's Tea and Coffee, New York City (open since 1895!)
  • Hotel Pilatus-Klum, top of Mt. Pilatus, Lucerne, Switzerland (built in 1890, Queen Victoria stayed there, you have to take a cog rail cable car to get to this place)
  • Shakespeare's birthplace, Stratford-Upon-Avon, England
  • Monk's House, Lewes, East Sussex, England (Virgina Woolf's country home and where she drowned herself in the nearby river, also, also, her writing room is on display)
  • The Sistine Chapel, Vatican City
  • Lombardi's Pizza, Mott Street, New York City ( apparently the first pizza joint in NYC)
  • Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany
  • Anne Frank's House, Amsterdam
  • Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin, Germany
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  • The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg
  • The Museum of Modern Art in New York City
  • Art Institute in Chicago
  • The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam
  • The Guggenheim in New York City
  • Smithsonian Museum in Washington
  • Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam
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  • vinegar (this lead to oil & vinegar salad dressing and prepared salads in general (i.e. bean, quinoa, couscous salads)
  • mayonnaise
  • pickles
  • mangoes (the first time I had one I thought it tasted like soap)
  • cottage cheese
  • low-sodium V8
  • a wide variety of soups (i.e. potato-leak)
  • onions
  • tomatoes (I used to hate them as a kid)
  • orange pekoe tea (and tea in general)
  • coffee (I used to swear that I would NEVER drink coffee...I hated the smell, I made fun of my mom's dependency on that morning cup, but ALAS)
  • mustard
  • eggs over easy
  • vegetables on top of pizza
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