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i am not gentle or kind. i buy perfume that smells like wolves.

devin follows:
  • daniel dankovsky (pathologic)
  • orbeck of vinheim (dark souls)
  • kristoph kavanaugh (bloodborne hunter oc)
  • chilchack (dungeon meshi)
  • tieria erde (gundam 00)
  • rutile & cairngorm (2 kins for one son) (houseki no kuni)
  • philip buchanon (penumbra)
  • the outsider (dishonored)

+ a few others

i don't make a lot of kin-related posts on my twitter but they happen occasionally. if i talk about a character you're kin with please don't assume/act like it is addressed to you specifically. i don't do canonmate-type things. more info here

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dec 4 2018 +