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i thought only a happy new year letter wouldn't be enough, so i made this account to show how special you're to me. i hope you enjoy.


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how did i have no idea, that i needed you? my world ended once but began again, born from just us two. though it’s suffocating me everyday, though I know you’re so far, you told me, “dear, be brave. always.”

adib sin&cae

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dec 29 2016 +

i think you know you’ve found someone special when you meet them for the first time, and it feels like you’re just picking up where you left off. you kind of look at them and think “where the hell did you come from? where the hell have you been?

caitlin siehl

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  • FEMME / le couleur
  • SLOP / forth wanderers
  • WARNED YOU / good morning
  • YOU KNOW IT / colony house
  • A 1000 TIMES / hamilton leithauser + rostam
  • SO SAD, SO SAD / varsity
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happy new year, luna!! i know that this year wasn't the best for you, but i hope next year will be better. you deserve the best. thank you for still being part of my life, every moment we were together are locked in my heart. i love you a lot. i am really grateful for having such an amazing person in my life. it is wonderful to wake up and know that you're going to be there to talk. i hope we can met each other soon, and maybe it can happen this year, uhu? anyways, God bless you. and i hope you can make your dreams come true. i believe in you.

love, rc.

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  • you never pissed me off (in like, almost 3 years), that's crazy;
  • you're very wise and give me the best advices, it's like you're part of my brain kk;
  • you have been and still going through a lot of stuff, but continue giving your best, i love that about you. a really strong women;
  • you're really smart, even though you don't believe that. your theories are the best;
  • you laugh at my unfunny jokes, i appreciate that;
  • you're a really loving person;
  • i learn a lot from you;
  • even if it isn't 100%, our tastes are alike and that's nice;
  • i trust you a lot, i feel like i can tell you anything.

you're just the bestest best friend in th...

dec 29 2016 ∞
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