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I'm just a guy who fails at trying to be a jack of all trades. But that doesn't stop me from trying! Visit me at the linked sites!

  • Raga | Male, green Kirby with dark gray hair, grape eyes, and a purple, white and black hat. Has lighter gray shoes with lavender soles. Has powers of wind and sound at his hands, or basically a wind user.
  • Mara | Female, carbon Kirby with black and pink-tipped hair. Has purple, but not same purple as Raga's, eyes. Has lavender shoes with white soles. She wields dark magic, but it hurts like light magic.
  • Alexander | Male, dark red Waddle Doo with Ryu's (Street Fighter series) hair colored natural brown, yellow headband, and tan-brown shoes. He's a martial artist who is comic relief for Mara and Raga on occasion.
  • Zeus | Male, Emerald-colored Waddle Dee. Has the powers of Spark/Plasma, but he uses the ability's powers like Kirby would. He let power get to his head once.
  • Aran | Male, pale yellow Kirby with yellow shoes, red-violet eyes and brown hair. Hates wind users, but doesn't mind Raga, despite the fact that Raga is a Wind User.
  • Trinka | Female Como who's a Full-time shopkeeper. Mother of who knows how many other spiders.
  • Allison | Female, tan Kirby with emerald hair in a small ponytail. Has darker brown eyes. Can take a few hits. Knows Raga from elementary school, but moved away at 3rd grade.
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