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I know I skipped March, haha, but here is the list for April:

  • picnic! (next Thursday)
  • Sex and the city (already started it and I love it so far)
  • learn a new recipe (preferably a vegetarian one)
  • finish reading 1Q84
  • finish reading my anatomy book (well .. one of 'em)
  • visit Marceline
  • have coffee with my soulmate
  • buy a beautiful hair accessory and wear it at least twice!
  • write a letter/postcard a day(8/30)
  • play the ukulele every day
  • have a board games night with my sister
  • buy tickets for the Placebo concert(oh well ..)
  • bake banana bread every week for someone new
  • try yoga again(this time I'll try watching videos and blah)
  • buy myself a sun dress
  • wear high heels every day. every day!
  • improve my Spanish grammar
  • style my hair differently every day
  • start working on my art journal
  • make homemade envelopes
  • do at least 10 things from the list "100 things to do with a banana". delishus!
  • go somewhere I've never been before
  • give someone from my past a chance into my present
apr 8 2012 ∞
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