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I started this list in April or May '08, since then it changed quite a lot as I want a list of things that I can really accomplish (goodbye shortest bright pink hair)

(stuff that I already accomplished is more or less in chronological order,as far as my memory goes and most of the times is not that far)

  • graduate
  • go to Japan
  • Pass the qualification test to be a vet in Italy
  • go to a music festival (like t in the park or indietracks or any similar)
  • go to S. Francisco/Bay Area/California in general
  • Apply for internships worldwide
  • get a decent turntable
  • end of the road festival
  • go somewhere in an old Volkswagen van
  • find a proper job that I like
  • start a band
  • go to Australia and NZ
  • find an apt to live on my own, paying my rent and decorate it as I like
  • find a way to work in a radio station again
  • go to Sweden/Norway
  • meet my other exchange student friends again
  • explore UK really well
  • play the guitar decently
  • learn Japanese
  • travel to China
  • U.S. Coast to coast
  • Be more sociable
  • get a sewing machine and learn how to sew stuff
  • Do something crazy
  • see Hamlet in a theater
  • meet my music guru
  • go to a rugby match (six nation, galles)
  • learn how to play a banjo (and eventually the ukulele)
  • indietracks
  • watch last hp movie
dec 18 2008 ∞
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