• Religion
    • I'm an atheist. I strongly believe in science, and I cannot deny the evidence for Darwin's theory of evolution and the big bang.
    • However, I am tolerant of all religions, and I will not judge someone based upon their religious beliefs.
    • The afterlife is an iffy one, though. While I do believe in science, there is no conclusive way to test the after life. I think the only reason I don't believe in the afterlife is because I don't want there to be one.
  • Abortion
    • 100% pro choice.
    • If you can't trust a woman with a choice, how can you trust her with a child?
    • There are millions of children worldwide who will spend their entire lives in care homes. It's not fair to bring an unwanted child into that.
    • Every child deserves to be wanted.
  • Gay rights
    • I don't even know why this is even a debate. A homosexual lifestyle is exactly the same as a heterosexual lifestyle, apart from who they fall in love with.
    • Gay marriages do not affect other people.
    • Gay people are not whores! I'm sick of hearing people who say things like "gay people are more likely to get STDs because they sleep around" or whatever, because gay people are just as likely to be in committed relationships nowadays as straight people.
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