althea frutexim consumed by love. consumed by your little eyes that reminder me all the brightest things in the world. and the cheerful curves they make when you laugh, must be why loving you consumes me whole. and this is not even a negative thing, i mean, my whole body is suddenly consumed by a deep love and admiration, my body and soul has your name. im consumed by love.

bridal rosehappy love. loving you is the thing that most makes me happy and is a feeling that can certainly be declared as one of the best to feel. when you are happy and show it through a smile or a laugh, my heart fills in full and must be why i consider you this flower: loving you is my happiness, happiness to me is love you. happiness for me is to love every timbre of your voice, happiness for me is to love your little marks on the face, to love the way you are devoted to the things you care about, to love your funny way that makes everyone around you laugh and i see how much it makes you happy too, just loving you makes me happy. thats it.

lilacfirst love. if today i have three other loves and an immeasurable happiness, its because of you. its because you were and its my first love. i stop and think what would become of me now if i had not fallen in love with you and im sure i would not feel half the happiness i feel today because you introduced me to a real meaning of it because you were able to make me open my mind and heart to many things that before i had no idea i would like. thank you for being my first real love.

ranunculus gardenradiant with charms. you are the total definition of what is beautiful and radiant: you are a set of beautiful things both aesthetically and inwardly, you are able to be brighter than the sun. i think i could steal all the stars from the sky and put it in your hands if it would leave a smile on your face because its basically this and a little bit that you do for others and for me, by small gestures you can be the beam of light through the window after a cloudy and cold day, you are everything that comforts me and everything that can leave me with the eyes shining with admiration.

polite society at home and abroad, 1891

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